The EAC Awards

The awards are a platform the conveners of the conference created to honour and reward various aspects of an administrators’ work. Good work has to be positively acknowledged so as to inspire administrators to stay on focus, deliver better outputs and give their clients a positive experience. From the front office administrator to the ones who work behind the scenes, the administrators’ work is about getting things done for the benefit of their clients. Clients’ needs are ever changing in line with technological changes and annual programmes, these place demands on administrators that these awards seek to reward. The awards are in four categories; Customer-Centric, Ubuntu, Techno-Savvy and Brand Ambassador.

Customer Centric Award

Customers are the reason we do business. Whether you call them students, clients, buyers, customers or applicants; they are your bread and butter. Without them there is no business. This category recognizes the administrator who puts the customers’ needs at the top. Who has the necessary patience to handle all the pressures that come with dealing with customers and make organizations deliver on their customer service goals, turnaround times and queries.

Ubuntu Award

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu. This isiZulu idiom aptly captures this category. Ubuntu is about humanness, empathy and humility. Customers bring along to our workplaces their lives, their challenges and sometimes their baggage. When we deal with them and help them find their solutions, we often have to also deal with them holistically. For the administrator who knows that customers are human; who treats customers and stakeholders with dignity, empathy and go beyond the call of duty and looks beyond their job description.

Techno-savvy Award

Technology is here to stay. It will change what we do. That change is not constant but carries on relentlessly. Administrators are constantly asked to learn new technologies, find ways of communicating with customers in effective and technologically friendly ways. When we embrace technology, we can reach more people cheaply and efficiently. So, for the administrator who has embraced technology, who is on top of his or her game, a solution finder, a technology literate one.

Brand ambassador Award

Brands have identity, they are part of our lives, indispensable, ubiquitous and necessary. From the phones we carry to the shoes we wear, our world is made up of brands. Each brand has a promise carried through in its mission and campaigns. An administrator is part of the brand they work for, they live the brand promise, through what they do each day. This category rewards the administrators who dresses the part, looks the part and acts the part. He/she professionally lives in a way that delivers the brand promise, professionally and efficiently.