Empowered Administrators Conference 2023

Experience the EAC

The EAC prides itself with offering a unique conference experience in some of the best conference venues in Durban. It brings together some of the best industry professionals as keynote speakers and attracts diverse groups of delegates. This gives Administrators a chance to learn about the latest innovations, share new ideas and best practices, meet influencers and industry experts face to face.

Be Inspired

Meet your academic and professional heroes and share best practices and innovative ideas with a community of administrative professionals. Additionally, connect with prospective service providers offering solutions relevant to YOUR needs.

Engage and Discover

Discover latest trends! Improve your skills set and learn new technology trends to improve efficiency. Learn how to start conversations with your peers during EAC breaks and at the gala dinner. Show curiosity about what others are doing. Engage and discover new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to use this time to tell your peers about your career aspirations, interests and most importantly, pay attention to what they are doing.


For more than eight years of the EAC’s existence we have spoken about bringing effective and efficient support to our offices, line managers and organisations we work for. To a certain extent we have managed to achieve those. We have excelled and been rewarded with promotions, awards, and all sorts of recognition.

However, there is no better time than now. Now erodes all achievements we have ever attained. Now is the time to consolidate all that we have learned and become even more efficient andeffective.


Welcome to the Empowered Administrators Conference 2023!

It is a great honour to still be alive, yes, to still be alive and we thank the Almighty that you are still with us, and for those new delegates that we will be meeting for the first time in September. None of us knew that we would have gone through so many trials and tribulations in 2020/2021. We hope and believe the worst is over.

A few years ago, a new term ‘VUCA’ world was coined. This term as some of you know stands for:

V=Volatility U=Uncertainty C=Complexity A=Ambiguity

VUCA basically demands that we should start reflecting about avoiding traditional and outdated approaches to how we have been doing things. Previously, we spoke about adopting new paradigm shifts. However, it seems we can now elevate paradigm shift to posing questions on how we move about within the VUCA world as office administrators.

The global COVID-19 Lockdowns, “showed us flames”, as young people would have said. We completely had to overhaul the old and move in the new systems. We learned to manage time, our colleagues, and families better. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciated our pace, attitudes and even the quality of what we put before our line managers.

This is now the time to reflect on what we did well and what we could still do better to increase productivity and efficiency in our organisations and earn accolades from line managers and colleagues. We move to EAC 2023 knowing very well that we live in the world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. It is an opportune moment for us to consider how best we could survive this world and avoid the pitfalls of yesteryear.

Our conference theme this year has been coined ‘No better time than now…’ because we continue being employed as office administrators in this world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Scientists and forecasters point out that the lockdowns will prevail. Although the next lockdowns may not be health scares, they may happen for other reasons. That is scary but unavoidable.

The past Empowered Administrators Conferences have been the driving force for you to excel and to be elevated by your organisations. EAC 2023 brings the depth and breadth of understanding how office administrators are at the forefront of their departments, organisations, and offices. Themes covered this year will range from:

  1. Empowering delegates with skills and competencies to operate under COVID-19.
  2. Enhancing your skills to give you the independence to operate without authority but not compromising relations with line managers and colleagues.
  3. Becoming decision-makers, solutionists, and experts in stakeholder relations management.
  4. Instilling a resolve within you to work anywhere with integrity and no distraction.
  5. Instilling a resolve within you to work anywhere with integrity and no distraction.

I am very happy about the speakers that will be delivering this training to you. The programme is tailor-made for you, and I hope that it will add more value in your career path.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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Mbali Mkhize
Conference Convener

Top 10 Reasons to attend EAC

  1. We are pulling all stops to offer you new skills and competencies in office administration and management.
  2. An opportunity for you to be Lockdown-ready. Don’t be caught out.
  3. We are offering you an opportunity to understand behavioural changes we need to adopt during and post the COVID-19 era.
  4. This is a time to reconnect with your peers face-to-face.
  5. Take time out of the office to learn new things – there is a better world outside and online.
  6. Network and socialise.
  7. Opportunity to pamper yourself as you come out of working from home.
  8. Learn the hybrid office techniques and upskill on the physical office tactics.
  9. Opportunity to renew yourself, re-energise and revisit your office cognitive skills.
  10. Re-learn Appreciative Inquiry 101.

EA Care

The EAC doesn’t only stand for Empowered Administrators Conference, it also stands for Empowered Administrators Care (EACare).

As part of creating a legacy, the EAC has since 2015 introduced a social corporate responsibility aspect aimed at encouraging EAC delegates to exercise a civil duty by giving to those who need our time and support. EAC 2015 delegates donated sanitary towels to the Umlazi District high school learners

EAC 2017 delegates donated to the Bobbi Bear Foundation, a safe home for victims of child abuse.

Delegates donated sanitary towels to the Umlazi District high school learners

Delegates donated to the Bobbi Bear Foundation, a safe home for victims of child abuse.

Delegates donated jerseys and clothing to the Umlazi Place of safety, a home for abandoned kids from ages zero to sixteen years

Delegates donated to the rape survivors who have taken shelter at the Thuthuzela Care Centre in Umlazi Township.

The EAC Awards

The awards are a platform the conveners of the conference created to honour and reward various aspects of an administrators’ work. Good work has to be positively acknowledged so as to inspire administrators to stay on focus, deliver better outputs and give their clients a positive experience. From the front office administrator to the ones who work behind the scenes, the administrators’ work is about getting things done for the benefit of their clients. Clients’ needs are ever changing in line with technological changes and annual programmes, these place demands on administrators that these awards seek to reward. The awards are in four categories; Customer-Centric, Ubuntu, Techno-Savvy and Brand Ambassador.

Customers are the reason we do business.

Customer Centric Award

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.


Technology is here to stay.


Brands have identity,

Brand ambassador Award


A very BIG thank you for an exhilarating, adrenaline-charged conference experience of empowerment for us office administrators….I see Brenda strutting her stuff down the passage very confidently these days

We thoroughly enjoyed all sessions with such cutting-edge speakers which we could identify ourselves in similar scenarios.

Was definitely worth the drive to and from Pietermaritzburg

Looking forward to 2023 EAC Conference

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The focus of the 2023 Empowered Administrators Conference (EAC) is building agile office administrators who rise to challenges, and can strike a balance in their work, home, and life in general. An agile office administrator has a positive outlook on life and has a set of goals to achieve within a set timeframe.

8h00 – 8h30 Registration and tea

8h30 – 8h45 Welcome, housekeeping

8h45 – 9h00 Down EAC memory lane

9h00 – 9h30 SETTING THE TONE

As we celebrate 10 years of unleashing the potential of office professionals we reflect on how we could have an ability to move swiftly, think on our feet, and complete tasks expediently What kind of office professional do you want to be reinvented into? What kind of resilience does it take to become more agile? What more could we bring onto the table? Covid 19 was a prelude to how the human mind can adapt to sudden changes If all our years of studying and experience could suddenly be replaced by working online, and/anywhere what is stopping us from taking a big leap of being an agile office professional.

10h30 – 11h30 Understanding the stakeholder quadrant

 Your office is centered around one or more projects. Each project has its own stakeholders, each with different expectations. A broader understanding of the stakeholder quadrant is the cornerstone of being more agile. This session will enable you to understand how categorizing stakeholders could enable you to become more efficient and make the stakeholders of more value to your organization/department.

11h00 – 12h00    B R E A K

12h00 – 13h00 Maintaining good mental health

Line managers change, and expectations change. During transitional periods, the office professional is the least thought of in terms of the impact managerial change may have on their wellbeing. This session shows that there is a correlation between an office professional’s agility and managerial transition. The emotional, psychological, and spiritual impacts are foregrounded on the office professional, and these create stumbling blocks in them becoming more agile. The take home nuggets will focus on how clear thinking, reduced stress / depression, improved work performance, and better work relations will enable you to maintain good health.

13h00 – 13h40  L U N C H

13h40 – 14h30 Viewpoints from the Office Administrators

 Conflict intelligence and fighting fair are essential skills in managing differences and resolving conflicts peacefully. At its core, conflict intelligence is the ability to identify, assess and manage different types of conflict effectively. It requires active listening, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to understand the needs of each party involved. On the other hand, fighting fair means using respectful communication, avoiding personal attacks or blaming language and taking responsibility for one’s actions. By acquiring these competencies and skills through training programs or workshops provided by organizations, employees can develop a better understanding of their own emotional triggers when confronted with conflicts in the workplace. They also become more adept at finding mutually acceptable solutions that benefit all parties involved. Conflict management is an important aspect of effective leadership and good organizational culture, leading to improved productivity and job satisfaction among employees.

14h30 – 15h15 Enhancing your social quotient (SQ)

 As an office administrator, you must distinguish between what is good and what is bad. This session will explore your ability to deal with people in your office, and know how to present yourself, what to say, as well as what not to say in a social situation. In addition, you will learn how to extend boundaries and understand how to read surroundings and respond accordingly. It is also often termed “street smartness”. Your good judgment will result in harmony in your office, which then becomes a fountain of peace and source of much-needed information and guidance. In that way you are empowering others to be agile like you.

15h15 – 16h00 Be the best brand touch point

 There is a greater need for office professionals to understand that they are a crucial brand touch point. How do you give customers / stakeholders the best brand experience? Get to be counted as one of the strongest brand contact points that positively influence brand perceptions, uphold brand reputation and enhance the brand image.

8h00 – 8h30 Registration and tea

8h30 – 8H00 Summary of day one

9h00 – 10h30 Mastering a project management plan

To become an agile office administrator, it is crucial to implement a well-defined project plan. This plan should include specific deliverables that are expected throughout the process. The key to successful implementation lies in breaking down the project into manageable components and identifying appropriate timelines for each one. Additionally, having a thorough understanding of the organisation’s needs and goals will help in determining the appropriate approach to take towards achieving these objectives. Collaboration with team members is also essential for the effective delivery of the project, as it enables them to stay on top of tasks and seamlessly communicate about any challenges they encounter while working on different aspects of the plan. Accountability at every stage of implementation helps keep everyone focused on their responsibilities and commitments to delivering quality results. Overall, an organised approach to implementing a project plan with clearly outlined outcomes can provide an office administrator with the agility that maximizes efficiency and increases productivity within their work setting.

10h30 – 1 1h00 B R E A K

11h00 – 12h00 Group task on Project Management

Delegates will be assigned to a group and given an assessment on Project Management. This session involves working on case studies and finding solutions using an effective and efficient Project Management Plan. This session is crucial and is the key requisite for receiving your certificate of attendance. You will also be given an opportunity to present your outcomes to all the delegates.

12h00 – 13h00 The power of looking beyond the immediate environment

As an administrator, do not sit on your laurels. Become curious, look beyond your borders and see what other administrators are doing to become more agile and effective. This session will expose you to the rationale of allocating some of your time to learn from your peers. Be honest with them and open yourself to learning new practices. Don’t shy away from bragging about what you have adapted from them. In this way, you create a fair playing ground that will also result in them sharing more information. Pick the best practices and leave the worst by removing barriers and borders that prevent you from becoming more agile.

13h00 – 13h40 L U N C H

13h40 – 14h30 Wardrobe planning on a shoestring budget

Journey out with a top fashion guru who will help you walk the walk of big spenders without spending more on clothes. You will learn which colours and types of clothing you can get away with, without being accused of repeating same clothes in one week. This session will also teach you how to optimise on wardrobe planning by using Project 333: Wearing only 33 articles of clothing for the next 3 months.

14h30 – 15h30 Looking after the soul

Even machines do take some rest! This session acknowledges that office professionals work endlessly, most often after hours, weekends and holidays. Your body needs to refuel, and it is only you that must take that decision. There is never enough money for vacation. This session will build your skills of networking as it takes you to another level of having to plan your holiday on a minimal budget. Join holiday clubs with others and create a DIY safe holiday for yourself and friends. You will come back more reinvigorated and more positive to deal with all office challenges.


  •  Delegates who do not attend the two full-day sessions will not receive a certificate of attendance
  •  Delegates will be requested to sign the register at odd intervals during tea breaks and at registration
  •  Delegates who do not submit their Project Management group task will not receive their certificate of attendance

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Conference Coordinator
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EAC Registration
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