DIPR’s Director of Strategy urges staff to align their work to the SDGs

Liile Lekena

The need to put a spotlight on the University’s role in community engagement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has become more pressing than ever. This was said by Director, Strategy and Planning at the Directorate of Institutional Planning and Research (DIPR), Liile Lerato Lekena to University staff this week. Lekena has said that such a need would require all University staff to make some adjustments in the way they do their work.  Lekena said that these were in line with the University’s ongoing strategic operational planning for 2024. Lekena said that universities now must bear in mind that their ranking now includes social impact as one of the criteria.

Lekena said that the emphasis on social impact in world university rankings underscores the global academic community’s increasing focus on institutions that are making a tangible difference. She said that “the rankings’ integration with the United Nations SDGs is not just a matter of prestige, but a testament to an institution’s dedication to transformative change, sustainable practices, and societal betterment”.  Lekena said that MUT, together with other African universities, was positioned to make significant strides in this regard. “Our unique challenges and opportunities place us at the forefront of demonstrating impactful community engagement that directly addresses the SDGs”. Let us document and share our progress, challenges, successes, and lessons learned. Transparency in our initiatives and outcomes will not only help in aligning with the SDGs but will also position MUT as a leader in community engagement,” Lekena said.

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