“Creating a desired culture for MUT staff”, project committed by HR&D at SOTU

Tulisa Mjobo

A few weeks ago, at the State of the University (SOTU) address, Baboo Brijlal, Senior Director: HR&D, committed to making MUT a better organisation to work for. In his opening speech Brijlal mentioned that “Organisations strive for a workforce that has similar values, beliefs, and behaviours which are aligned with their strategic directions. However, no organisation is the same and has a similar workforce”.  After this presentation, MUT has now retained the services of Lyra Southern Africa, formerly ICAS Southern Africa to help MUT understand what the desired culture at MUT would be and how to get there. By now all MUT staff members should have received an email from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Marcus Ramogale introducing the project.

Tulisa Mjobo, Business Development at Lyra Southern Africa, has also sent an invitation inviting staff for a brief orientation on the project to take place at Bozzoli Hall on 22 and 26 April 2024. “MUT has tasked us with a project that will assist the University to understand in what areas the Institution doing well, and what areas need some improvement in order to get to the desired culture, i.e., values, behaviours, and beliefs,” said Tulisa.

Tulisa added that “many organisations have been able to gather valuable information from employees that its leadership were not always aware of and gathered valuable suggestions or recommendations from staff on how to improve some of the processes and practices in their organisations. This in turn has enabled a lot of organisations to keep the finger on the pulse regarding pertinent issues affecting their staff and keep them engaged. When employees see their feedback being considered and actioned, they are likely to feel valued and invest more in their organisation.

MUT is proud to be associated with Lyra Southern Africa, which is one of the leading specialists with over 30 years in Employee Wellness programmes and organisational risk management. Brace yourselves for a new culture change journey. It is not an easy journey but a great one for organisations determined to grow.