Chancellor brings vibes into graduation

MUT Chancellor, Sandile Zungu

True to his inaugural speech as a Chancellor in 2023, Sandile Zungu, has maintained his respect for the culture of MUT, which is “unique and pertinent to the MUT brand”. At this year’s graduation ceremonies, the Chancellor was the first one to ask about the last dance, (LADA) and it was no surprise that he was always the last man standing on the dance floor during the graduation ceremonies. In essence, MUT graduations bring out the best in everyone. They are a celebration of life; life spent at MUT and being a part of MUT. Zungu has now reinvigorated this spirit of the celebration of life by adding a Hebbeeee moment just before he concludes the ceremony, “Hebeee uSuthu” has become the new addition to end graduation just before the last dance. Zungu may not realise how inspirational he is to graduates, spending his week at MUT attending graduations and using a part of the Township lingo to reconnect with graduates and ordinary people of South Africa attending or following MUT graduation online.