Best student in the faculty receives Vice-Chancellor Award in honour of her recently departed mother  

Foreground, Asanda Nosihle Andiswa Mavundla, flanked by MUT Vice-Chancellor, Professor Marcus Ramogale, left, and MUT Chancellor, Sandile Zungu

The multitudes of parents and guardian, among what they wil be taking from MUT after attending the 2024 graduation that took place from 16-19 April, is a  story of Asanda Nosihle Andiswa Mavundla, the best student in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. For this toil, Asanda received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award.

Explaining how she achieved this feat, Asanda said she set “realistic” goals for herself, and created a plan that would enable her to achieve these goals. “I avoided doing assignments last minute.  I am generally a hard worker and very dedicated to do every task the best way possible. I did my utmost best,” she said. Asanda also said she worked with other students and communicated with those ahead of her about her studies. “I was not afraid to ask when I was not sure about something.”

Asanda said whenever she had a test coming , she made sure she aimed for a distinction. “All in all I believed in myself and believed that I could get what I wanted if I set my mind to it,” Asanda said.  Others can learn from Asanda, who sounds surefooted about herself, and what she does. “Having effective study habits is also important. I would summarise notes and try to the best of my ability to generalise them for me to understand them better,” she said.

Asanda, from Durban’s Inanda, is also a very mature individual. “It is also important to always know why you are at the university.  You must always prioritise your studies. Do not ever forget the reason you are where you are,  and where you come from. That helped me a lot.” Asanda said such kind of thinking kept her on track. “Also the reason for being at the university assisted me,” she said.

Asanda is not the first from her family to graduate from a university, but the first to obtain a cum laude.  She is presently studying towards an Advanced Diploma in Agricultural Extension and Community Development at her alma mater, MUT.

Sadly, Asanda is still dealing with the loss of her mother who was buried on 13 April 2024, just a week before her graduation. Asanda described her mother as a “superwoman who made me what I am today. I am sure wherever she is, she is shining over me, and is happy.” Now Asanda has to look after her little sister and has committed to continue setting an example for her.