What is Convocation?

  • The convocation consist of all graduates of the institution (alumni), current and former academic employees of the Institution as well as the university executive. The Convocation plays a role in linking former students with the Institution and it is a medium for communication and contact. One of the important roles of the convocation is to elect representatives to the University Council and to represent former students in the Institutional Forum.

Who is Alumni?

  • Persons who have received Diplomas, Degrees, Advanced Diplomas or Post-Graduate Diplomas and BTech from MUT


  • An abbreviation for the Convocation Executive Committee
  • It is an executive structure of Convocation

What does the MUT Convocation Executive Committee comprise of?

  • The President, who must not be a person employed by or a current student of MUT shall be an Ex Officio member
  • The Vice-President, an ex officio member who must neither be an employee nor student, He/She shall act on behalf of the president in his absence
  • The Vice Chancellor, as an ex officio
  • A representative of the Council appointed by the Council among its members
  • Two persons elected by the Convocation at the Annual General Meeting of Convocation
  • Alumni Relations Officer, as an ex officio member
  • The Secretariat-MUT Registrar

What is the Term of office for EXCO Members of Convocation

  • Exco Membership may serve for three years
  • Office bearers are not allowed to serve for more than three terms

Functions of the Convocation Executive Committee

  • To administer the affairs of the Convocation
  • To discuss and, on behalf of the Convocation, to state its opinion upon any matters relating to the University or to the Convocation, including matters that may be referred to it by the council
  • Subject to the consent and directions of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor, to solicit, and collect monies in the general interest of the University
  • To establish, support and maintain alumni association

Functions of Convocation Members

  • To further the interests of its Alma Mater
  • Foster and maintain a positive image of the University as a whole in the context of community and business interests.
  • To Take an interest in matters pertaining to the governance, administration, academic matters of the University and to make recommendations thereon.
  • To foster a spirit of belonging among Alumni
  • To Create in the Alumni, a sense of responsibility, obligation, and accountability towards the community in general

Functions of the Alumni Relations Office?

  • To enhance the image of the university and further its objectives by eliciting student participation in alumni programmes.
  • To provide administrative support for the Convocation and Alumni Association.
  • To play an important role in building up mutual beneficial relationships between graduates and their Alma Mater, students and staff.
  • To invite Alumni to exclusive alumni networking events, reunions, seminars and workshops.
  • To cultivate interest in alumni relations work amongst student while they ARE STILL ON CAMPUS.
  • To create awareness among students about the role that an alumni can play in furthering the objectives of the university. 
  • It is important for students to realize that final examinations and graduation is not the end of their relationship with MUT. While we support them with SOME of their desires, they will find that MUT has a lot to offer throughout their life cycle.

What does Alma Mater mean?

  • A University, College or School that one attended.

MUT Convocation objectives

  • Contribute towards the University’s good governance and to have a say in affairs of their Alma Mater
  • Serve as ambassadors for MUT
  • Uplift MUT Brand
  • Nature mutual beneficial relationships with MUT

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