All set for today’s State of the University address

MUT Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Marcus Ramogale

Professor Marcus Ramogale, MUT’s Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, will deliver a State of the University (SOTU) address to staff and students at Bozzoli Hall. The address will also be broadcast live on MUT Campus Radio and via Microsoft Teams. This is the first time that SOTU has been held before the end of the first term. And indeed, a huge milestone for the University. There is a lot of excitement among staff who are eagerly awaiting and hoping that the address will have some good news for them. “The fact that this year’s SOTU is before the end of the first term is an indication of stability on campus. The executive also listened to requests by staff to have SOTU earlier and allow them to raise matters and engage the executive earlier. We believe that this SOTU is an engagement that will also shape a two-way communication programme between the executive, staff, and students. We are excited that there will be ample time to revisit issues or recommendations that may be raised during this engagement,” said Gona Govender, Senior Director in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor.