FYE- Academic

Residence Tutorials

Weekly residence tutorial program provides a much better opportunity to get to understand your course content a little better. Tutors assist you in improving your academic performance.

There are a number of academic support programmes that the university offers. Ensure that you get to know your Faculty Student Academic Advisor. They will be able to guide you along with your mentors to get the help that you need.

REMEMBER YOUR SUCCESS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!We encourage you to make use of the support programmes available.

The Teaching and Learning Development Centre offers number of activities to assist student academic development and support. We have language, maths and science specialists who are there to help you. Here are a few of the support that students can find in our Centre. These are a list of some of the activities in offer: 

  • Welcome Week programme; 
  • First-year seminars and workshops for students and staff; 
  • Intensive language intervention programme; 
  • Reading and writing in the discipline; 
  • Writing consultancy for students; 
  • Creative writing experience; 
  • Proof-reading and editing services; 
  • Translation and interpreting services; 
  • Academic literacy support; 
  • Writing centre. 
  • FYE Programme 
  • Student profiling and surveys; 
  • Academic monitoring and student tracking (HEDA system); 
  • Learning groups, tutorials remedial and core-teaching; 
  • Mentorship programme; 
  • Residence tutors and online tutorial; 
  • Managing and rolling out Supplementary Instructions Programme; 


Peer Assisted Learning and Mentorship: 

All first years are encouraged to make full use of the Student Success Mentorship Programme that is offered by TLDC. It is a programme that is designed to help first years get the assistance they need both academically and socially in the form of mentorship. Each first year student is paired off with a senior student (mentor) from the same discipline. Students meet and work with their mentors regularly in small groups to help the process of learning. First year students are exposed to essential skills that would help them improve their academic performance and ensures their success as a student at MUT. Senior students who volunteer as mentors are groomed as future leaders. Students are welcomed to find out more about the programme and how to get involved at the MSEU offices. 

Senior tutors and supplemental instructors within specific subject areas are also offered by the TLDC. These senior tutors also work with you during allocated time to better understand specific subject areas that pose challenges to your learning. 

You are also welcome to visit any of our office to speak to us directly. For the workshop and seminars, please keep watch your notice boards for information.