A seasoned university manager joins MUT

Dr Nothemba Mrwetyana

A seasoned university manager has joined the University to bolster its staff at management level. Dr Nothemba Mrwetyana joined the University as an Interim Deputy Registrar: Governance and Secretariat. Dr Mrwetyana said she is “here to enhance governance principles at MUT by developing and reviewing institutional policies, and also play an oversight role in statutory committees”, she said. Dr Mrwetyana also said that she will be transferring skills within the secretariat section through monitoring and coaching. “I will do that by meeting with individuals at management level and develop individual operational plans (IOP) with them. We will then together identify areas of development that will enable the individual to perform according to the IPO,” said Dr Mrwetyana. The IPO is an agreement that will guide the working relationship between the manager and those they report to. It is an accountability tool.

Dr Mrwetyana, who has been “a university person” all her working life, has 20 years of experience working as a registrar. From 1982-2013, Dr Mrweyana was working at the University of Fort hare. She spent 11 years there as an Institutional Registrar, and 18 months as a Quality Assurance Director. She was also a Senior Lecturer: Curriculum Studies in the same university. Dr Mrwetyana also spent nine years at the Central University of Technology, as an Institutional Registrar.  Dr Mrwetyana was also a panel member of the University of Vendas’ Institutional Audit.