Foreword by Professor Marcus Ramogale, Acting Vice-Chancellor & Principal

Becoming a truly international player will fulfil our vision of being a transformed University, one that is “destined for the world” as part of our strategy to Shape and Own the Future.

Our global destiny is one where we see our students engaged in internationalised curricula and our staff and students experiencing international, intercultural communication and collaboration.

In our quest to internationalise MUT we have adopted a comprehensive approach which includes Internationalisation at Home (IaH) and Collaborative Online International Learning, (COIL). We also place an emphasis on inward and outward programmes by staff, students and international partners. I have chosen June, which is known as Youth Month in South Africa, to launch this magazine because as a University our efforts are null and void if they do not prepare our young people to solve the problems of the future.

A few years ago, I was part of the delegation that took the SRC and a few other student leaders on a cultural immersion tour to Tanzania and Kenya, on Africa’s east coast. That trip was an eye-opener for our students who got to experience not only a different culture but also how students navigate often similarly constrained circumstances.

My passion for internationalising MUT intersects with my passion for entrepreneurship which has been recognised at the highest echelon of the state. As a result, part of our internationalisation drive is to stimulate innovation. You will note from this publication that we have embarked on this and are learning from one of our partner universities, South Bank London University. A key element in all collaborations should be some form of entrepreneurship and/or enterprise development, particularly for our students, and I will be looking out for this keenly.