We want young researchers to join in early – Dr Shapi

Dr Shapi, in a white shirt, and Prof Davies, both standing, with MUT staff and students during the workshop

MUT students and young researchers have been put in a position that can propel them to make a great impact in the field of research, thanks to Dr Michael Shapi, the Head of Department of Analytical Chemistry. Dr Shapi organised a workshop on 4 December 2017 where former MUT Research Professor in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Prof Theophilus Davies gave lectures on health-related dangers posed by the retired mines in Africa, and the importance of multidisciplinary collaborative research, and how to write a successful proposal. “We all have limited time in the workplace, it is important to bring young researchers and students into research,” said Dr Shapi, a well-published academic. Dr Shapi said the students admitted they learnt a lot from Prof Davies, a University of Humboldt scholar. Prof Davies continues to work with MUT academics. He recently published a paper with Dr Shapi, Dr Devandren Nadasen of the Department of Nature Conservation, and others, titled: Background Concentration of Potentially Harmful Elements in Soils of the Kette-Batouri, Eastern Cameroon. Prof Davies is a Chartered Geologist. He is currently a visiting Professor of Medical Geology at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.