Minister Lindiwe Sisulu

Message from the Chancellor

Greetings to the Mangosuthu University of Technology’s graduating class of 2020; parents; staff; stakeholders and friends of MUT.  As a country we are confronted with a threat that has forced South Africa to go on a nation-wide Lockdown.  The Coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to a number of planned events and celebrations including the MUT Graduation 2020. As you know, the MUT graduation is very close to my heart. There is a sense of uniqueness to the MUT graduation which makes me appreciate how far we have come as a country to bring access to education to people from all walks of life.

The Lockdown is a situation that we need to embrace and find creative ways to soldier on, we cannot put plans on hold forever as we have been told by scientists that Coronavirus will be among us until a vaccine is discovered and rolled out.  It is for this reason that today we host this virtual graduation ceremony.


Professor Marcus Ramogale

Message from the Acting Vice-Chancellor

Today is a different graduation ceremony, one that you will celebrate alone with your families. However, you are not alone; universities across the world have hosted virtual graduation ceremonies for their students in order to comply with regulations imposed by lockdowns and the Coronavirus pandemic.

We postponed your graduation in April hoping that we would have fought the Coronavirus by now. Instead, coronavirus cases are growing day by day. The whole world needs to protect its citizens by limiting gatherings, and we are responding to the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 that has been invoked so that all South Africans could be protected against Covid-19.

 This message comes to you a day after June 16 to remind you that the youth of South Africa in 1976 faced a hopeless future when they were being forced to learn everything in Afrikaans. The South African youth of 1976 took it upon themselves to fight apartheid and this fight spread across the country. Our march today was accelerated by the fight that was started by the Class of 1976.

 I would like to challenge you as the Class of 2020, receiving your qualifications in a Lockdown. What legacy are you going to carry beyond the Lockdown? Will you be able to look back and say, during this time I used my certificate to get a job? That would be your greatest milestone under these challenging times. However, my challenge to you is to think of yourself as an employer. In that way, you will never go wanting.

As strong proponents of entrepreneurship, the leadership of MUT would like to encourage you to think very strongly about entrepreneurship. Don’t wait for the world to hand out things to you.

The story of Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman and author, and founder of Rich Dad Company is worth sharing. He has written many books-among them, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Mr Kiyosaki has been preparing the youth to become employers rather than employees. He often asks a challenging question to his readers – who says the purpose in life is to become an employee? Just think about that.  God did not bring you into this life to be an employee.

Centuries ago before colonisation, Africans were self-employed, they were self-reliant but had to become employees when the land was taken from them and a system of taxation was introduced. However; in this modern world in our post-apartheid era, there are options. Graduates may now choose to become business owners or investors.

My recommendation to you is that you must choose to become employers. The Coronavirus has created many problems, but has also opened new opportunities. Leverage these opportunities, find solutions to the problems we are faced with. In that way, you will find success.  There may be no jobs, but there is plenty of work if you see work as the creation of solutions to existing problems.  Do not become a job-seeker; rather be a work-seeker.

Successful entrepreneurs hip requires that you must have:

  1. Courage
  2. Perseverance
  3. Tenacity
  4. Positive thinking
  5. Sound human relations
  6. Willingness to take risks
  7. Curiosity
  8. Problem-solving attitude

A problem-solving attitude is what will create for you. 

I am heartened that one of the people graduating today; Bright Hlongwane was on uKhozi FM and eTV News on Youth Day advocating youth empowerment. He is already a respected entrepreneur and this is living proof that your past cannot determine your future.

The Lockdown cannot determine your future. You need to rise above the Lockdown and start thinking about various ways on how you could become your own employer, a solver of society’s problems.

Please keep on flying the MUT flag high and always remember that you were not brought in this world to lose but to win. You are all winners and on behalf of all the MUT community; I wish you success and prosperity. 

Congratulations on your graduation, and May the good Lord bless all your future endeavour. 

Mike Naidoo

Message from the MUT Registrar

Graduation is the biggest event in our university calendar. We look forward to this moment where we showcase our students’ success and celebrate along with their families to mark this momentous occasion. Under these normal circumstances, students graduate in person at the Dr Pixley Seme Hall.

This year is different. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to prioritize keeping you safe from the virus. In line with regulations that prevent the spread of this virus, we cannot host a face-to-face graduation at the moment. We also don’t know when and if this virus would be curable in the future, but we do know that your life cannot be on hold because of this virus. Many of you have already started looking for jobs to provide for yourselves and your families.

We are affording you an opportunity to have a virtual graduation ceremony where the Chancellor will confer your qualifications. For you to receive your graduation certificate the Chancellor needs to announce as follows:

“I declare that the candidates whose names appear on the programme have complied with the requirements for the award of the Diplomas and Degrees”

It is only after this pronouncement by the Chancellor that the certificates could be issued. So, immediately after the virtual graduation ceremony, certificates and the academic records will be posted to graduates who are in good financial standing with the University. Nonetheless, academic records will be posted to all graduates.

Once more, congratulations to you and your family. Stay safe.

Sandile Dlamini

Message from the President of MUT Convocation

To the MUT class of 2020. You are graduating at a very difficult time in history when the entire world is on a fight against Coronavirus.

You will go down in history as graduates of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

I urge you to take to heart both the challenges as well as opportunities that are, and will be presented by the Coronavirus pandemic as you navigate your way into your careers.

I am very proud to share the excitement of your graduation day. Although we are not able to congregate at the Dr Pixley ka Seme Hall and celebrate your achievement in person, it is with great joy that I welcome you to the Mangosuthu University of Technology Convocation family.

I look forward to welcome you as brand ambassadors and engaged alumni of MUT. 

Mrs Julia Baah

Message from the Acting Dean of Engineering

Graduating with a university qualification is no small feat. It takes hard work, dedication, discipline and consistency. Your success is a result of sacrifices by your families, dedicated work of your lecturers and the hardwork of unsung heroes who keep your lecture theatres, labs and residences clean.

Your graduation comes at a time when the world, as we know it, is changing. The Coronavirus continues to alter our behaviour, movement, the way we relate to each other, and how we practice our beliefs. The impact of this disease will last long after it has passed. Society will be relying on your skills and expertise to help them navigate this new normal.

As you advance into the next phase of your lives, remember to invest in your personal development. Technology is advancing at an alarming rate, it is important that you advance with it. Congratulations to you and your families.


Dr Bheka Ntshangase

Message from the Acting Dean of Management Sciences

Many of you are receiving their first qualifications at this ceremony; we look forward to welcoming you back for your post diploma qualifications. For those graduating with Advanced Diplomas, we are proud to have been part of your journey.

Your graduation comes at a time of great hardship for our country. It is no secret that our economy is struggling and desperately needs innovators and entrepreneurs who can create jobs while solving some of the challenges we face as a nation.

One of the biggest threat we face is the Coronavirus, which continues to alter every sphere of our lives. Society will be relying on your knowledge and expertise to navigate this new normal. I am confident that you will seize this opportunity and use your qualification not only for yourselves but for public good. Congratulations to you and your families.

Professor Alfred Msomi

Message from the Acting Dean of Natural Sciences

Graduating from university takes hard work, discipline and dedication. With your qualifications, you join a special category of those entrusted with finding solutions to the challenges facing our society.

Graduating from a public university, such as our own, means that you have been a recipient of government grants and subsidies because there is an expectation that your qualification will not just benefit yourself. With expect you to use your qualification not only for your personal benefit but also for the public and your community.

This public service as needed now more than ever as we face the threat of the Coronavirus. We expect you, our science graduands, to take a lead in the fight against this pandemic.  

Finally, spare a moment as you celebrate this personal achievement for all who made sacrifices to make this day possible. Congratulations to you and your families.