Virtual graduation breaks the MUT website

Virtual graduation microsite

MUT’s virtual graduation started exactly at 10h00 on Saturday, 27 June. In less than a minute, was in distress. It had never seen such an influx at the same time. Students and graduandi took it to social media to complain, but in the end they were able to view. As with online activities; there would always be mixed feelings. However; from the MUT web analytics; the University won. On 27 June, the website had 424626 web hits with 7635 visits. The following day, the web hits were 151966 with 10,676 visits. Jay Roopsunker, the Webmaster said, “In the first 5 minutes of opening the graduation for public viewing, traffic was unusually heavy on the virtual graduation microsite that the server interpreted these requests as attempted intrusions and shut down temporarily. The server turned itself on again but slowed down the website because of the continuous significant demand.” The University officially joined a few elite universities, globally, which have hosted online graduation ceremonies.