Vice-Chancellor commits MUT to reciprocate SASUF invite

Helin Bäckman Kartal, making a presentation to MUT staff at the Council Chamber

Professor Marcus Ramogale, Acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal at MUT briefly gave some of his time to Helin Bäckman Kartal, the Swedish SASUF Project Coordinator based at Uppsala University who was at MUT to address researchers about the upcoming SASUF projects and protocols that would need to be followed. “Although you caught me in my busy schedule, it would not have been a good thing not to welcome you. Yes, we are ready for SASUF 2024”, he said. The Vice-Chancellors and SASUF Coordinators are invited to attend. There is a tailor-made programme for each of these stakeholder groupings. In November, the South African Vice-Chancellors will also have an opportunity to make an input on high level engagements that will take place in Sweden from 13-17 May 2024. “Although it may not be possible for everyone to attend in person, there will be a series of satellite events that people could join, and registration would be easy online at no cost. We will still be using the online conferencing platform, SCHED”, said Helin. The physical conference centres will be at Lund University, Malmo University, and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Professor Ramogale insisted that the preparations for MUT’s presence should start now; a campaign on this will start in the first week of September when the call comes out. “In the meantime, MUT staff should start looking for partners in Sweden, as well as in SA as that is key to getting the proposal getting a reviewed”, said Professor Ramogale.