VC delivers SOTU address and launches the ‘diamond’

Dr Malaza addressing staff
Staff listening to the Vice-Chancellor

In a bold State of the University (SOTU) address that he delivered at Bozzoli Hall on 13 February 2020, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of MUT, Dr Enoch Duma Malaza assured staff that lectures will commence on Monday, 17 February as part of university management’s agreement with the SRC. Dr Malaza was giving staff an update on the current state of affairs at the university as the institution begins implementing its Strategic Plan 2025.

The Vice-Chancellor assured staff that University Management was involved in the national effort to resolve the challenge of funding for students wishing to pursue their postgraduate studies. Dr Malaza informed staff that university management had “put in place measures to maintain the integrity of the academic process going forward”.

Dr Malaza made a passionate plea to staff to continue working with management to ensure that all the University processes continued for the University to meet all its primary responsibilities, which are to ensure that students are taught, that research is done, and that community engagement continues.

The VC also assured staff that Management was still committed to achieving the University’s five strategic goals as outlined in the Strategic Plan 2025, or the ‘Diamond’ as it is affectionately known. Paying tribute to the role staff continue to play at the University, Dr Malaza emphasised that such goals would not be met if staff did not get involved. He urged staff to continue to commit to the “service of MUT and its academic mission”.

SOTU would not have been complete without the launch of the ‘diamond’. Heads of departments and directors in respective departments were invited to the stage to receive their copies of the ‘diamond’, which is the university’s blueprint for the next 5 years. The rest of staff received a copy of the abridged version which carries the essence of the ‘diamond’.