Using branding to tell our story

Our new pull-up banners

The Lockdown from 27 March 2020 disrupted many brand positioning initiatives that were planned by MarComms. This week, MarComms has intensified its efforts to make the MUT brand memorable and noticeable among its stakeholders. “We are compelled to market our University digitally, and now the background must always be the MUT brand. Even if the media has a story on us, the brand must be articulate and on point. We have thus developed various banners with all the information on the programmes that we offer. These include the post-graduate and advanced diploma programmes. We will be embarking on a campaign to get academic staff to support the idea of having our branding visible during online classes. We will be open to loaning these to the e-learning platform so that even when students are being taught digitally, they should have a constant reminder of our brand,” said Zama Sishi, Director, Stakeholder Relations Management.