Ulundi community benefits from MUT Enactus efforts

Mfundo, right, with another Enactus member, showing the setup they have assembled for the community

One of the measurements of a university is how it impacts upon the different communities within which it exists. Enactus MUT has been playing this role since its inception. This time around it was the Babanango community that benefited. From 24 to 26 May, MUT Enactus went to Babanango, Ulundi, and north of the KwaZulu-Natal, to bring the much needed electricity, particularly to school learners who struggle to do their schoolwork after sunset. Now their academic performance is expected to improve. MUT Enactus installed solar panels in the community centre. The community collected the components and bought the bulbs that are rechargeable. Enucatus trained community members to assemble the device. Enactus has appealed to staff and students to donate R10 or more so they can add more classes to schools. Mfundo Mpulo, MUT Enactus President, said they were about to sign an MoU with Zululand District Municipality for Social and Economic Development Department to buy the components for the electricity device. The project was funded by the IRDCE, with an amount of R52 200.