Getting Prepared for Success (GPS)

  • Welcome to GPS, Mangosuthu University’s First-Year Experience Programme. A special programme put together for all first-year students, click on the video to get a quick introduction to GPS and some of the things you can expect in the programme.

The Teaching and Learning Development Centre (TLDC) has dedicated itself to the implementation of a university-wide First-Year Experience programme at Mangosuthu University of Technology. The programme is named Getting Prepared for Success (GPS) as it is designed to help all first-year students navigate the university and become better equipped for their academic journey at MUT. GPS is a package of programmes, workshops and activities targeted towards preparing our first-time entering students for their studies, led by the various departments, at the university. This website will help keep students informed of the activities, workshops and sub-programmes, such as the Student Success Mentorship Programme, Student Orientation, Faculty orientation, etc. that make up GPS.

MUT’s FYE programme, GPS, also offers a host of workshops and seminars through the various departments for example the general Student Orientation hosted by Student Counselling to introduce you to the university; Faculty Orientations by the Faculty and TLDC to help get you prepared for your specific discipline of study and the Library Orientations to help learn how to access resources and various learning tools. The Female student in Engineering workshops help motivate our future female engineers whilst a host of other related workshops are offered throughout the year to help address the challenges that face students might face along their academic journey.

We also conduct several Surveys of Student Engagement which students are urged to fill to help us better understand the holistic needs of the student populace in MUT. We acknowledge the varying challenges that students go through when adapting to “Varsity life”.  The data from surveys help us to hear your voice as students, so as to better assist in the MUT academic journey.

The FYE- GPS team at MUT comprise of various staff members across the university from each of the following departments/centers /directorates :

  • Student Affairs (Student Counselling, Housing Department, SRC)
  • TLDC (Academic literacy and language unit, Mathematics and Science Education Unit, Writing Centre, Professional Development Unit)
  • Registrar
  • Sports Department
  • Marketing and Communications department
  • Library Services
  • Community Engagement and Development
  • Information Technology and Network
  • Finance and Financial Aid
  • Co-operative Education,
  • Faculty Representations (Natural Sciences, Engineering, Management Sciences)