First Year Experience

First Year Experience programme

The TLDC has dedicated itself to improving the First Year Experience of all students who enroll at MUT, through guidance, monitoring and programmes implemented to facilitate senior peer leadership i.e. Student Success Mentorship Programme. In addition the TLDC offer workshops and seminars such as the Female student in Engineering programme and other related workshops to help address the challenges that face students. To allow us to better understand your needs as a student of MUT, the TLDC performs regular Surveys of Student Engagement at various time in the year.

Students go through varying challenges and adapting to “Varsity life”. Surveys of Student Engagement which students are urged to fill help us better understand the holistic needs of the student populace in MUT. The data from surveys help us to hear your voice as students, so as to better assist in the MUT academic journey. There are a number of activities that the TLDC offer to student academic development and support. We have language, maths and science specialists who are there to help you. Here are a few of the support that students can find in our Centre:

  • Welcome Week programme;
  • First year seminars and workshops for students and staff;
  • Intensive language intervention programme;
  • Reading and writing in the discipline;
  • Writing consultancy for students;
  • Creative writing experience;
  • Proof-reading and editing services;
  • Translation and interpreting services;
  • Academic literacy support;
  • Writing centre.
  • FYE Programme
  • Student profiling and surveys;
  • Academic monitoring and student tracking (HEDA system);
  • Learning groups, tutorials remedial and core-teaching;
  • Mentorship programme;
  • Residence tutors and online tutorial;
  • Managing and rolling out Supplementary Instructions Programme;
  • Maths, Physics and Chemistry support programmes.