TLDC rebrands its colloquium into a ‘conference’

To our new identity!

Amid the joy and fanfare in a Durban hotel, the Senior Director of the Teaching and Learning Development Centre (TLDC), Dr Manyane Makua announced that his directorate was rebranding its colloquium, which has been running for seven years. From 31 October 2019 the flagship of the directorate will be known as Focus Conference. “We want to put emphasis on teaching and learning matters as these areas are our primary focus,” said Dr Makua. Both Dr Makua and Dr Muntuwenkosi Chili of the TLDC, told the excited MUT staff and guests that have received numerous recommendations from MUT staff to consider rebranding the colloquium into a conference because it had all the elements of a conference. “By definition, a ‘colloquium’ is generally associated with a local event. Sometimes it is an institutional event where the university community meets to talk about a subject for a couple of hours. We have always been bigger than that. We want to have our footprint on a national and international stage,” said Dr Chili. The ‘conference’ would give MUT a chance to work with high-end journals. It would also attract seasoned researchers in the field of teaching and learning. The University is expected to start benefiting from the change over from the very first day of the re-branding as calls for interests in presenting in the ‘conference’ have already been made.

Dr Makua added that the ‘conference’ was going to be preceded by important events. There will be a teaching week, in which non-academic staff members, and experts from other institutions would be teaching students. “Even the VC, Dr Enoch Duma Malaza, could get a chance to teach,” said Dr Makua. What was the highlight of the event was the conference logo, which was designed by a Mechanical Engineering student, Scelo Qwabe.

MUT leadership workshop to cultivate ethical leadership

MUT staff with management that attended the event

To cultivate a culture of ethical leadership, Mangosuthu University of Technology took its management staff through on a two-day leadership workshop at Zimbali, north of Durban on 28 and 29 October 2019. The workshop, which was organised by the TLDC; focused on management and leadership, technology and the changing world of work.

In his opening address, MUT Vice-Chancellor, Dr Enoch Duma Malaza, talked about the significance embracing the institution’s values as a moral campus of our work at MUT. Dr Malaza reminded participants that part of his leadership style was to let people who perform their work without interference from him. But this was often an issue at MUT. “At MUT you get the comments that so and so are becoming too powerful or too visible, if you do the work I let you lead,” said Dr Malaza. Dr Malaza also singled out promoting diversity as important for the University. “If we promote diversity, we will emerge as richer individuals and MUT will be an even richer place. I value the diversity I see at EMC,” said Dr Malaza. The workshop was facilitated by Werner Landman, a business consultant from The Core Group.