TLDC runs 2nd Teaching with Technology summit

Speakers at the Teaching with Technology summit

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is uppermost in everyone’s mind because of its impact upon the lives of people, the Teaching and Learning Development Centre (TLDC) continues to contribute to equip staff with knowledge of the latest state-of-the-art technology in the field of teaching and learning.

On 5 and 6 September 2019, TLDC conducted its second ‘Teaching with Technology’ (TWT) summit off-campus to empower staff and other interested parties with relevant knowledge to help them deal with teaching-related challenges.

Edgar Samkange of the TLDC said the Summit grew out of the imperatives arising from the demands of the digital age.  “Technology has revolutionised every aspect of humanity. Higher Education has not been spared, with various technologies appropriated and developed for use in teaching and learning. Educational technologies are being developed at a greater speed to the extent that there is now an explosion of tools and equipment at the disposal of academy,” said Samkange.

Participants discussed various issues related to teaching with technology including the type of learning management system (LMS) suitable for a particular institution, and cost of the software. Acting Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Professor Alfred Msomi, advised that decisions concerning e-learning should be taken at the highest level of management in higher education institutions. Professor Msomi said institutions of higher learning operate under different circumstances, and had varying experiences about TWT. There has to be a good foundation for e-learning to happen, he said. “We need to encourage staff and students to adopt LMS. Decisions taken about TWT should be informed by the institution’s strategic plan,” said Professor Msomi.

The summit was also meant to highlight the pedagogical underpinnings that related to education and the present era. The Summit is one of many ways that the TLDC is engaging academics in developing both their technological and pedagogical knowledge.

Samkange said academics would be exposed to various educational technologies and tools. Different workshops will also impart skills and knowledge that will help our lecturers to develop the 21st century graduate attributes.