The move towards launching the MUT Online Radio is full throttle

Carlito, seated, fourth from right, with the trainees, and Dr Mthoko Ntuli, standing, front row, first, left

The push towards having the MUT Online Radio becoming part of the universal airwave family is in full swing. This week saw the Department of Marketing and Communications providing training to a pool of 22 students from which the presenters, newsreaders, weather people, traffic team, producers and other production crew members will be chosen. The students were taken through their paces by Carlito Sheik of Maverick Media Consultancy, an accomplished radio-broadcasting expert.

On the first day, which was 27 May 2021, Carlito said he was impressed by the recorded voice submissions by the students. The students continued to impress with their responses during both first and second day. During day one, the prospective presenters were introduced to the world of broadcasting, an exciting and powerful platform. Carlito impressed upon the students the necessity for them to adhere to the basic principles of the trade.

The informatics are the bedrock of what you do, he said. “You have to constantly tell your listener what radio station they are listening to, what show they are listening to, and what your name is – even if you’re online – as this teaches you that the station always comes first before personality  Always give the name of the song and the artist’s, it does not matter how popular the song is. This information is also required for research purposes,” Carlito said.

The second day was mainly about discussing programmes and content.