The battle is still on – messages in restrooms

Messages everywhere to keep everyone safe

Although things seem to be almost back to normal after the national Lockdown, the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic remains real despite the lowering of Lockdown alert levels. MUT remains on high alert. The University’s Department of Marketing and Communications is not leaving anything to chance; it has now extended its awareness messages to the restrooms. The Senior Director: Marketing and Communications, Mbali Mkhize said one of the ways to get the message across was through putting up messages in places where they are least expected. “Restrooms are one of the places that are frequented by staff and students. We thought we needed to post some of the messages there so that all will remember that we are still in the war against COVID-19. As much as we appreciate the fact that students and staff are doing their part, we are aware that everyone still needs to be careful. In fact, this could be the most dangerous time when people might think that things are back to normal since the President’s last announcement. We want to remind our stakeholders to remain on high alert despite the opening of the economy,” said Mbali.