Taking the Annual Performance Plan back to the people

The members of management that attended the lekgotla

The two-day (31 August to 1 September 2022) lekgotla, driven by the University’s Department of Institutional Planning and Research (DIPR) team, provided all MUT management with an opportunity to know about what each division was doing so they would be able to make contributions to MUT’s Strategy 2025.

Kicking off presentations were the three academic deans, followed by support staff providing analyses on how they had achieved goals set out for their faculties and divisions for support staff. The University has done extremely well. Numbers do not lie.

However, the University has also challenged itself to even better the accomplishments of 2021, and 2022 mid-year. The takeaway from this lekgotla is that if one part is broken, the whole system gets affected. This goes back to the environment. The context must be supportive.

From the MUT presentations on both days, team DIPR, deans, the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning, Dr Manyane Makua, the Turn Around Project Manager, Thando Radebe, Chief Financial Officer, Rodney Delomoney, Senior Director: Operations, Mpho Kau, Acting Senior Director: OVC, Gona Govender and the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Resources and Planning, Dr Johan van Koller, provided inputs into the programme.

The University is moving on a great trajectory and is ready to produce “a certain elite student with graduate attributes of being employable and entrepreneurial, team players and being socially responsible” as Dr Manyane Makua observed in his presentation. Overall, the lekgotla was very collegial and it was a top-notch outcome of the great behind-the-scenes hard work of Team DIPR.