Students get new lockers

Lindo, left, showing Mapho the brand new lockers

The beatification programme that was begun a few years ago continues. The latest news is said to bring a huge smile to the immediate beneficiaries – the students.  The Department of Infrastructure that is implementing the programme said it had installed more than 250 student lockers. Lindo Mzolo, Infrastructure Coordinator in the department, said they would be adding more lockers. The old lockers have been replaced with beautiful colourful ones that support the bright colours and the modern look that the University is moving towards. This new way of projecting the University is in line with its general philosophy of being a young looking and welcoming place for young people, its staff and the general public. Mapho Kunene, the Secretary at the Student Representative Council (SRC) office, responsible for the allocation and the care of the lockers, said the new lockers were a big improvement. “These lockers are going to be a source of many smiles on the faces of the students. The students are now going to easily focus on their studies, both in the lecture halls and in the library, knowing that their books and other valuables are safe,” said Mapho. Mapho requested the students to look after their lockers, and consider them as a long term investment for the University. “All the students need to do is to buy padlocks with a set of keys. They will have to give one key to Mapho to keep, in case they lose the other one.