Student political formations assist in seamless registration

Student political formation leaders, and some students

MUT student political formation leaders continue to show the way in dealing with what is now regarded as a difficult situation. This week the student leaders contributed immensely in creating order during the registration of new students. They were seen at the gates as early as 7am, addressing parents and prospective students who were looking for places. The leaders of DASO, EFF Students Command, NASMO, SADESMO and SASCO, said education was a priority, and that they wanted to contribute in building the future of the youth through education. They all agreed that it was important to create a student friendly and safe environment, that was conducive for students to excel. They ensured that the first year students were provided with clarity on issues. This resulted in happy faces, despite the stress that comes with registration. The student leaders said they wanted everyone to have access to education. They said they viewed education as a tool to transform society. “We also want to ensure that poor students also benefit,” said one of them.