Student Counselling fulfils MUT’s promise of inclusivity during registration

Dr Naidoo, right, and Lindiwe Chamane, left, Student Counsellor, and peer helpers at the information table

True to its primary focus of promoting an inclusive living and learning environment, the Student Counselling unit ensured that prospective students with disabilities (SWD’s) were timeously identified and supported throughout the registration process. “One of the unit’s initiatives is the strategic placement of the SWDs. For this we have a table at the entrance of the University’s main campus, where we highlight the disability awareness to ensure that prospective students with disabilities are detected and assisted as soon as they enter the Institution,” said Dr Naidoo. According to Dr Naidoo, several students with disabilities have already been identified and assisted with their registration and it is anticipated that more students with disabilities will be seizing the opportunity to study at MUT in 2020.