Change Agent, Melody Kuboni, standing, assisting a staff member with one of the virtual applications

As the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak continues to devastate the world, MUT has found more creative ways to ensure that communication is on point during the autumn early recess. MUT’s Change Agents started visiting offices from Tuesday to help assist those staff that had never had Outlook App and WhatsApp downloaded on their smartphones. “We are heartened by the uptake on people allowing our Change Agents to assist them with setting up emails and even WhatsApp on their phones. We will soon be sending big data and infographics via WhatsApp so that our students and staff are not left out,” said Mbali Mkhize, Senior Director: MarComms.

A special email address to communicate COVID-19 has been created. “Be on the lookout for emails from virtualcampus@mut.ac.za. We need to streamline communications so that staff can immediately relate to what is being communicated and how that could save lives”, Mkhize added. All information on COVID-19 is now on a special website, https://www.mut.ac.za/virtualcampus/.