Statement of MUT Convocation Executive after the first meeting which set on the 13 February 2020

For Immediate Release

19 February 2020


The MUT CONVEXCO set for its first sitting that followed the Elective Annual General Meeting that was convened on 7 December 2019.

Mr Sandile Dlamini, President of Convocation, said they had plans that would have a impact upon MUT processes, students and graduates. “It should be noted that the current leadership of CONVEXCO is breaking new grounds and putting systems in place, which were not there before, to make our operations run like a well-oiled machine. Initiating systems in place ordinarily comes with challenges and some glitches from time to time, but as CONVEXCO we are optimistic that in due course things will start running smoothly. We will from time to time give an update in various platforms to our constituents, about the status quo of our progress as CONVEXCO.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Dr Enoch Duma Malaza, gave the CONVEXCO an update on the affairs of the University’s particularly the strategic vision of the Institution. Among other things, the CONVEXCO committed to strengthening its relationship with all University stakeholder, tracking and locating of all MUT graduates and alumni to update the alumni and convocation databases.

The CONVEXCO will be launching chapters starting in KwaZulu-Natal. The first port of call will be Durban.

CONVEXCO took a decision to prioritise empowering MUT graduates. CONVEXCO will also create a database for business owned by MUT graduates (51% company shares owned). This aim of this will be to ensure that certain projects are set aside for MUT graduates. The CONVEXCO also resolved to ensure that all business service providers who are doing business with MUT offer the University’s students work integrated learning (WIL).

CONVEXCO has also committed to contributing in the generation of the third income for the University. The strengthening of the efforts to generate such income will assist alleviating the pressure on the University funds. The ultimate aim is the improve the financial standing of the University, and contribute in lessening the student debt. CONVEXCO intends to appeal to potential donors to help out with funding. Also, as part of the drive to raise funds, CONVEXCO is in the process of opening an MUT foundation.

Also, in CONVEXCO elected Mr Sinothi Ndlovu to be the Treasurer of the MUT Convocation as required by Section 6.2.6. Of the MUT Convocation Constitution. We are confident that Mr. Ndlovu will do exceptional well in his new responsibilities considering his progressive role he has played in the PYB.

CONVEXCO deployed the Deputy President of the Convocation Mr Thokozani Hadebe and Mr Sandile Mbonambi to represent Convocation in the Institutional Forum. CONVEXCO remains optimistic that the voice of Convocation will be heard in every sphere of the institution as we seek to develop and transform the University.


Issued by:

Sandile Dlamini

MUT Convocation President