Dr Enoch Duma Malaza is leading the MUT strategy review process. This will culminate in MUT Strategy 2020-2025 of which the timeframe is in accordance with the DHET’s 6-year Planning Cycles. The strategy review process will build upon MUT’s current Strategic Plan which expires in 2019.

“Our approach towards the strategy development and review process will comprise more of an ideological than academic approach. This means that our new vision for the university will be based on the aspirations of MUT stakeholders. Our approach will be bottom-up rather than top-down. We need to find consensus as we develop this strategy hence the process will be iterative. We will consult all our staff, students and all other relevant internal and external stakeholder groupings.

We all need to find a reason for coming to work. We need a common purpose that will shape our future. My philosophy has been that as the MUT community, we should begin to reflect on the critical skills that each one of us should bring to the table and add value to the fundamental skills of strategic leadership, diversity and global perspective. As a University, we should aspire to embrace the values which I have coined as DEED: Delivery, Empowerment, Engagement, & Discovery. These are fundamental themes that should inform us as to where we want to make a difference.

At the heart of the strategy development process should be a drive to distance ourselves from the past thereby focusing on where we are as MUT, where the world is and where we want to go in future.”


You are invited to a dialogue with the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Enoch Duma Malaza, for an interchange of ideas towards the development and review of the MUT Strategic Plan 2020-2025.  Dr Malaza is leading the MUT strategy review process using a Brain Trust approach.

Please refer to the schedule for the time and venue allocated for your department.

For more information contact Jade Mthiyane | 031 907 7510 or

“Some of the principles I hold most dearly is that as employees of MUT we may learn to collaborate more and even become friends. Friends at work care, love and respect one another. This to me is a foundation of a great team.” 

“During my engagement with some of you, and hopefully all of you in the first 100 days of my tenure, I would have poured out the essence (life, heart, nucleus, substance, principle) of all our being here.”

- Dr Enoch Duma Malaza

VC's Bio


MUT Council Chairperson, Mr Morailane Morailane has on behalf of Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) Council welcomed the commencement of duties of Dr Enoch Duma Malaza as the new Vice-Chancellor & Principal with effect from 02 May 2018.

Dr Malaza is a well-grounded academic, researcher and executive administrator in higher education. His experience ranges from being Acting Vice-Chancellor at the former University of the Transkei now Walter Sisulu University; Chief Executive Officer of Higher Education South Africa (HESA) now called USAf among other renowned institutions he has worked for.

Dr Malaza’s response was, “It is a priviledge and honour to get the opportunity to serve MUT.” The Chairperson of Council, Mr Morailane Morailane, said, “We are confident that Dr Malaza is a suitable candidate who understands the challenges facing our University and has capabilities to provide academic, strategic, ethical and transformative leadership to MUT. We believe that his extensive knowledge of higher education and academic business, including knowledge of support functions will benefit MUT immensely. This also stands Dr Malaza in good stead as he leads the University”.

“It would be remiss of Council not to express our profound gratitude to the outgoing acting Vice-Chancellor, Prof Marcus Ramogale and his executive team. His dedication and that of the team ensured that MUT continued to operate despite a myriad of challenges”, said Mr Morailane.