SRC Request and management responses

Following the meeting between Executive Management, SRC and Dr Sipho Nzimande (DHET Mediator) held on 07 February 2019, hereunder are the SRC requests and Management responses: –

1. Registration of ±600 students who are owing fees and the extension of registration

Management response: ­ Agreed, that they will be registered, provided the academic criteria is met.

Registration will be extended till Friday, 15 February 2019.

2. Fees raised without consultation, including the increase in the deposit for residences

Management response: The issue will be referred to EXCO / Council for consideration. The issue of the residence deposit will be relooked urgently by Management and a response released by close of business on Monday, 11 February 2019.

3.  Intake and enrolment increase of 10 per programme

Management response: Agreed to admit +- 260 students to be spread across the Faculties of Management and Natural Sciences faculties in keeping with the enrolment targets. In addition, all the returning qualifying students will be accommodated.

4.  NFAS appeals to be allowed to register

Management response: All NSFAS appealing students will be admitted provided proof of appeal is provided and students qualify. The Finance Division will check if the appeal is registered with NSFAS.

5.  Allowances decreased from 2018

Management response: The mediator agreed to take this matter up with the DHET.

6.  Academic records

Management response:   All students will be able to access their academic records through the student portal even if fees are outstanding. Students pursuing WIL will be assisted by the Cooperative Education Department and the releasing of academic records to graduates who are owing will be urgently considered by Senate / Senex of the University.

7.  Postgraduate Students to be given accommodation

Management response: Postgraduate students are currently allowed to register irrespective of the amount owing. Students who require accommodation are required to pay the requisite deposit. Current students who have been erroneously placed in residences will be assisted by Mr Ngidi in consultation with the SRC and the Dean of Students.

8.  General support services

Management Responses

(i)  Extension of library hours 24/7

The human resource and financial implications of extending Library hours will be looked at immediately, however in the interim, smaller lecture venues will be made available for students for studying purposes.

(ii)  Inadequate printing facilities – require printing facilities

Currently we have four heavy duty printers in the library and one in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The Main Library is currently coping with the demand, however the printer in the Natural Sciences is currently being looked at in terms of its functionality.

(iii)  Inadequate Clinic services 24/7

Currently, ambulance services are available 24/7 through the Protection services department, however the VC and the Mediator will be pursuing the extension of services through the Health MEC.

(iv)  Inadequate Computer Laboratories 24/7

The opening of the computer laboratories for extended periods will be looked at immediately.


Dr ED Malaza

08 February 2019