Sports Office

Welcome to Mangosuthu University of Technology Sports Office!

Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) recognises the value and importance of participating in sporting activities and encourages its students to get involved in sports. The Sports Office is looking forward to welcoming new and returning students to a variety of sports, both competitive and recreational, so that students can excel not only academically, but also in other ways that will enhance their experience at MUT. Being involved in Sports can be a very enriching encounter, so we hope that students will take full advantage of the opportunities presented to them.

MUT regards Sports as the best means for students to get to know one another and develop a culture of mutual respect and understanding. Sports can form a complimentary relationship to the academic rigours in a students life and contribute positively to the integration into the campus community. Each individual can add in a number of ways to the progress and improvement of Sports on our campus and the Sports Office is looking forward to working with everyone who is interested and committed.


Soccer, rugby, softball, badminton, volleyball, cricket, tennis, dance, netball, bodybuilding, aerobics, karate, boxing, athletics, darts, basketball, golf, swimming, indoor soccer, table tennis, chess, and scrabble.

Some teams practice their sport in a competitive environment; others follow a more recreational direction. Each student is welcome to add to the growing professionalism among MUT's sports teams and help MUT raise its level of performance and gain recognition for excellence in a number of sports.

The sports grounds are located within a short walk of the main campus square. At present, these grounds include a soccer/rugby field, three tennis courts, two netball courts and a basketball court.

Indoor activities like basketball, volleyball, badminton, ballroom dance, karate, aerobics and other indoor games take place in Bozzoli Hall.

A fitness gym is located next to the students dining room. Additional recreational venues are available at the D-Housing complex and can host boxing training, darts, chess and table tennis competitions.

For all your enquiries please contact the Sports Office on (031) 907 7276/7140