SMME Services Offered

To improve innovation and competitiveness of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) in the Chemicals industry through client –tailored technology support.
The following range of specific services will be provided:

1. Product Process Consulting
• Provide advice on productivity improvements including process layout, optimizing manufacturing methods, work-study.
• Advice on acquisition of new or improved technology.
• Advice on maintenance and setting of equipment.

2. Quality and Product Testing
• Provide analytical services to the chemicals and related industries.
• Provide advice on raw material storage, usage and legal compliant disposal.
• Analyse, develop and implement quality systems for companies.

3. Demonstration and Training
• Present workshops and seminars on issues of strategic importance to the technological development of the industry.
• Demonstrate the correct use and maintenance of technology.
• To stimulate technology transfer projects.
• The long term goal of the station is to offer accredited short course to the chemicals industry to improve and support their skills development programmes thereby enhancing their productivity and competitiveness.

4. Product and Technology Development
• Consult on product development issues viz. formulation chemistry, costing, preparing materials safety data sheets.
• Provide access to highly specialized analytical equipment.
• Develop low cost standard operating procedures for SMMEs to improve their productivity and to deal with labour problems relating to high staff turnover.
• Conduct research for and on behalf of SMMEs.