Second semester registration takes-off at MUT

Zolisa Gqamane

This week, Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) started its semester registration for the 446 spaces available at the University. Zolisa Gqamane, Deputy Registrar: Academic Administration and Examinations, said the University received 4 461 applications, which is over ten times the number of available spaces.

Students who applied to the Faculty of Management Sciences got the opportunity to register first this week. “The programmes that we are registering at this time from the Faculty of Management Sciences are those that are being phasing out,” said Zolisa. “These are B. Tech programmes in the Department of Accounting and Law, and some programmes in the Department of Public Administration and Economics.”
Students in the Faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences will follow next week. The Department of Electrical Engineering received 1113 applications alone, making it the most popular department for applicants.

Programmes in the faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences will register from 2 November 2020, taking both new and returning students. All students will register online, in line with the COVID-19 protocols and regulations.

“A link will be sent to new students to guide them as to how they will register online,” said Zolisa. Applicants were further advised to consult the University website for information; alternatively, they can also contact University Admissions call centre during office hours, on 031 819 9287, or 031 819 9286. He further added, “Only applicants that have accepted their offers, or would have accepted their offers before 2 November 2020, will be registered. There will be no walk-ins. Applicants who fail to accept their offers before the closing date may have their offers withdrawn and space given to other applicants. Lectures for the second semester are set to commence on 9 November 2020. The University has re-adjusted its academic calendar as a result of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”