Registration to conclude and lectures to start on Monday

MUT VC, Dr Enoch Duma Malaza
MUT VC, Dr Enoch Duma Malaza

This week, MUT management’s open door policy and engagement with students has helped to resolve the student protest, which took place on Tuesday morning, paving way for registration to continue seamlessly.

On Tuesday, 29 January 2019 students clad in attires of different student political formations caused disruptions on main campus, complaining about, among other things, the slowness of the registration process. On the same day, the MUT management engaged the democratically-elected student leadership in trying to find solutions to the problems. The university management and the students agreed on concessions to allow students. The new book allowance is capped at R5,000 and the meal allowance is R14,440 per annum.

The MUT management along with students has engaged with NSFAS and DHET to advance the interests of students in light of the new financial aid caps that DHET has introduced. A task team, led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Resources and Planning, Dr Johan van Koller, visited NSFAS to discuss the historical debt on 17 January 2019. The SRC President, Codesa Gwala, was part of the delegation to represent the interests of the students. To date, NSFAS has made an upfront payment. The University will commence the upfront payment of student allowances. The process of residence allocation, which started towards the end of 2018, continues.

Some important stats are: Of the expected 12,500 students for the whole year, about 11,500 students have been registered; about 500 students will be registered in the second semester. Less than 500 students have not yet registered. The first-year student target of 3827 will be reached soon. More than 2907 have been registered.

The University’s Student Affairs department will continue to run the student leadership social-cohesion programme that aims at strengthening tolerance among different political formations so that student leadership is better prepared for leadership roles during their stay and beyond MUT.

Management encourages students to channel their grievances through the democratically-elected SRC, as required by the SRC Constitution. MUT will always rise above petty student politics and abide by the SRC Constitution.