Registrar’s office levels up on ethics and accountability

Blessing Mooke, left, with MUT Radio Deejay, Awethu Kelese

MUT Campus Radio hosted Blessing Mooke, the Interim Director of Compliance and Ethics in the office of the Registrar. Mooke indicated that the title of her office should not intimidate people, but it should be welcomed by everyone that it is an office that is there to remind everyone that “we need to align our day-to-day activities with the institutional values as well as the risk register of the University and make compliance a cornerstone of everything that we do. This office will be looking into advising staff and students about non-compliance and ethical behaviour. We are coming in as advisors; that means we look at ourselves as partners on how we could accomplish our vision, mission, goals and adhere to our values,” she said. “We will be unpacking the meaning of our values: Integrity, Respect, Accountability, and Excellence. These values should empower us to become more ethical and more accountable. There is more power in acknowledging one’s mistakes than denying the mistakes. It is where our role lies in enabling the university community to make proactive decisions on the university’s value system. Engaging in ethical activities will take all of us far”, she said. She has promised to reinvigorate campaigns on values in the next few weeks.