QMD intensifies its IQA awareness campaign

The QMD team

This week, the Quality Management Directorate (QMD) team intensified its campaign to build a quality-oriented culture at MUT. The team has been well-trained, knowledgeable, and up-to-speed with what they are doing. The team is ready to guide the MUT community on this journey.

While this is in preparation for the Institutional Quality Audit, scheduled to take place from 14 to 18 November, Dr Suri Moodley, QMD Director echoed on MUT Radio that our value systems, vision, mission, and goals need to all come together to be central in everything we do so that when our students graduate, they excel both in their private and professional lives. A resonating thread from all QMD speakers is that “Quality is not a once-off event, it is accompanied by setting up systems and adhering to those systems and continuously improving such quality management systems”.

This was reiterated by Dr Manyane Makua, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning, who said: “…quality should be the cornerstone of what every individual does within an institution”.

Modjadji Baloyi, Alumni Relations Officer at MUT, has been wowed by the QMD team. She says, “We were able to listen as a team at MarComms and after that, we started to reflect on what we need to do to ensure that this quality imperative is embedded in everything we do. For me, I have been able to identify my stakeholders, successful alumni, who will best showcase how their lives have been impacted positively by being graduates of MUT”.

Listening to the QMD colleagues on MUT Radio has been more informational. It has been  a call to action for the MUT community on how we should fulfil their quality assurance objectives.