Proud parent cries tears of joy as son graduates

Sanele, graduates with a Diploma in Chemical Engineering
Proud mum with Sanele graduates

The passing away of her husband did not dent Tholakele Khumalo’s zeal to put her children through university. On 10 April 2019, Khumalo left Newcastle at 4am for MUT to see her last born son, Sanele, graduate with a Diploma in Chemical Engineering. In tears after ululating and performing a Zulu dance up and down the narrow corridor in the Seme Hall where the graduation ceremony took place, Khumalo whispered into the ear of her son: “What would your father be saying if he was still around. My child I am so grateful.” As she said this Khumalo was receiving a tissue paper from one of the cleaners to wipe her teary eyes. She said her son showed her great respect, and did not take advantage of the fact that his father was no longer around.

The ‘drowsy’ Khumalo said she battled to make ends meet. “But Sanele’s brother, Sibonelo, and the government help through NSAFS helped me a lot,” she said. Khumalo said what made her proud was that Sanele focused on his studies and did not do anything that would embarrass her. “I did not even know where he was staying in Durban. I am so proud of him.”

Sibonelo graduated at MUT with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He has since furthered his studies through Unisa. Sibonelo now holds an M.Tech.