Prof Marcus Ramogale, Acting VC shares his wisdom on leadership with the new SRC

New SRC, with Professor Ramogale, seated right, and Siwe  Mnyandu, Programme Director. SRC President, Makaziwe Ndlovu is standing, fourth from left

“Education is not about the transference of skills although it is one of the purposes. Education is character-building. Character in a leader is manifested in qualities such as being prudent with the choices a leader makes”, said Prof Marcus Ramogale. This set the tone for some of the building blocks Prof Ramogale suggested to the incoming SRC:

  • Make self-serving choices: Your role is to provide leadership that will advance the institution. Don’t think about what is in the best interest of your constituencies. Think about what is best for the University.
  • Engage the Student Affairs leadership. Honour the dean of students as a mother first and not as a psychologist. Confide in her and build a strategic partnership with her office.
  • Engage the appropriate executive first and when all else fails, just know that I am here for you, first as a father and as a Vice-Chancellor.