Press Release Statement: Student Protests at MUT

18 February 2019        

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This morning, 18 February 2019, students commenced their protests just before 7h00. Executive management has subsequently met with the students and will regroup and meet them at 12h00. 

The students’ demands are as follows:

  1. Concessions

We agreed on fee concessions and have been implementing as per agreements with the SRC. However; in today’s meeting the SRC informed us that, because Friday was the last registration day, some students could not register. This means that the University will have to extend its registration.

  1. Allowances

The SRC has made a claim that some students have not received their allowances. The University’s records show that 7022 students have been paid their allowances and learning material. Only 46 students had wrong accounts and their issue is being resolved. The SRC has indicated that there are more payments still outstanding. Executive management has requested the SRC to produce the evidence which they claim to have.

  1. Infrastructure: Extension of library and clinic opening hours to 24 hours as well as increasing the number of printers across campus

The DVC Resources and Planning will advise at the meeting scheduled with the SRC on how best we could deal with this.

  1. Fee increment

The students have requested the fee increment to be reversed. The University will provide feedback on this when the meeting with the SRC resumes at 12h00. 

  1. The issue of accommodation was discussed last week but not raised at today’s meeting

Previously, the SRC had requested that those students doing post-graduate programmes be allowed to register for free and be allocated free accommodation and meals even if NSFAS is not paying.

Issued by the Marketing & Communications Department