Open Athens is back – yippee

Patricia Badenhorst
Patricia Badenhorst

Staff at MUT have welcomed with great joy the return of Open Athens, an online database that provides a range of products and services that enable staff to access online resources through single sign-on through the MUT website.

Patricia Badenhorst, Information Librarian (e-resources) at the MUT Library Services said: “We didn’t have access for quite some time because we were working on migrating the system from the old way of logging in so that our users can use their institutional logins. We often had challenges previously, when user accounts expired they could not re-register and the frustration of having different passwords was a nightmare for some users. This new system is more user-friendly.”

Patricia added that “for the library, this system will enable us to profile our users and be able to provide information that is relevant to them. We will be able to get accurate stats that tell us who is using what then we can measure the value of our databases.”

Apart from access to databases of journal articles and e-books, Open Athens also provides access to top magazines and newspapers from across the world. “We live in the Information Age; without information you cannot find a voice. Our bouquet of databases includes Scopus, Taylor & Francis, Science direct, Emerald, to mention a few. Staff can be in this virtual library anywhere in the world. We are planning a tight orientation schedule for our students and hope that this will support the catch-up plan that academics will have when our students are back”, Patricia said.

For MarComms, this is music in the air. Reading and writing are the pillars of this department and we love Open Athens as it makes us not to be obsolete with how we package information. For those who have never given themselves an opportunity to use Open Athens; you will be ‘sold’ on this database.