One-World, One Qualification Campaign – From National Diploma to Diploma

One-World, One Qualification Campaign, posters and pull-up banners

The One-World, One Qualification Campaign is an MUT bespoke campaign aimed at communicating to its key stakeholders the newly introduced single national qualification framework for higher education in South Africa. This step by government is meant to level the playing field and to enable students to move easily and more effectively from one programme to the next, as well as between institutions. These changes are guided by a policy document called the Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework (HEQSF). As a result, all public and private higher education institutions in the country were required to revise their qualifications to ensure alignment with this new framework. The initial campaign focuses on the shift from ‘National Diploma’ to ‘Diploma’. The second phase of the campaign will be to raise awareness on the phasing out of B.Techs. The campaign was on 4 October 2017, launched by the Acting DVC: Teaching and Learning, Mr Gona Govender to all academic heads and other academic support heads. “I envisage that these heads will escalate this to their departments. My next step will be to talk about this campaign during the SRC Inauguration on 6 October 2017. These stakeholders are the building blocks of the MUT academic agenda,” said Govender during the briefing with QMD, MarComms and the Registrar. A comprehensive communication plan has been developed and should allay fears about the change from National Diploma to Diploma.