New students set to benefit from the annual Library Orientation

Zolile Machi, closest to screen, with colleagues and students, during one of the orientation sessions in the Library

The transition from high school to higher education can be a daunting task for new students. One of the ways to mitigate the possible negative impact of this transition is to provide students with information that would help them navigate the complex environment they suddenly find themselves in. One such intervention is ensuring that the students have enough knowledge about how the library works.

MUT Librarian, Zolile Machi said the Library Orientation aimed to help new students familiarise themselves with all the services that the library offers. “During the orientation, new students meet librarians who show them around, and discuss with them the services that we offer. We also introduce new students to the wide range of relevant services we offer online, and how to access our services anytime, anywhere,” said Machi.

The Library Orientation covers topics such as doing effective internet searches, selecting and evaluating literature, how to avoid plagiarism, and referencing styles.

Machi added that the Library Orientation contributed towards preparing future graduates for a world of work, which demands the ability to analyse, critique and process complex information. “Students who have attended our sessions are often pleased to learn about how to use mobile phones as learning tools,” said Machi.