Nature Conservation staff help Kruger National Park staff complete their research projects despite Lockdown

Van Rooi , left ,  and Tsepo

Amidst the Lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the Postgraduate students from the Department of Nature Conservation are remaining proactive in attempts to complete their research projects. At the end of March 2020, staff members, Professor Akash Anandraj, accompanied by the departmental lecturing assistant, Trevor Govender, and supported by the Acting Head of Department, Professor Roger Coopoosamy, went on a field trip with MUT students working at Kruger National Park.

Prof Anandraj and Trevor provided advice and valuable input into these students’ projects.  The two projects involved the guided trail activities at the park.

Professor Anandraj and Trevor accompanied Van Rooi Moreke and Tsepho Mathebula, both Masters students in the Department of Nature Conservation, on their activities to ascertain the rationale and validity of their studies. Successful interactions with associated staff as well as overnight discussions were fruitful and will result in these students completing their studies with little hindrance. Tsepo and Van Rooi are Senior Regional Activities Co-ordinators for the Kruger National Park.