Natural Sciences Research Professor secures funding for research equipment

Professor Davies

“I am pleased to be able to say that the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has approved the sum of 20,000 Euros for the purchase of fieldwork equipment for the prosecution of my proposed Faculty research projects.” This was the message from Professor Theophilus Davies, the Faculty of Natural Sciences Research Professor, to senior staff members announcing the wonderful news.

Professor Davies, an Alexander von Humboldt scholar, said the equipment would  be used when conducting research on potentially harmful element circulation and introduction of new dimensions in phytoremediation at abandoned mines in the Gauteng Province. The equipment will support research on the heath impacts of mining, which is conducted by researchers in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. This research area is particularly important for South Africa with its abundance of minerals and mining operations doted throughout the country.

Professor Davies described the acquisition of the equipment as “a great contribution to the advancement of science and learning, but most importantly, to the improvement of lives (especially environmental health) and livelihoods of South Africans, as well as contribute to international cooperation.”

The Director of the Research Directorate at MUT, Dr Anette Mienie, applauded Professor Davies’ efforts in securing this funding. Dr Mienie said she was “over the moon” and thanked Professor Davies “for always having MUT’s best interest at heart”.

The Acting Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Professor Roger Coopoosamy, said the funds and the equipment that would be purchased will aid MUT’s research efforts.

“The sourcing of funds towards research equipment enhances the University’s research capabilities. We can now function efficiently without waiting for results from other institutions. We are looking forward to acquiring the equipment for research and teaching purposes,” said Professor Coopoosamy.