MUT’s first semester draws to a close

Mike Naidoo, MUT Registrar

It must have been with a great relief for MUT’s executive management that the first semester is drawing to a close. Most semester students have completed their first semester assessments. In preparation for registration from 2-6 November 2020, MUT Registrar, Mike Naidoo’s office could not have been prouder. It rolled these assessments under very difficult COVID-19 protocols. The unchartered territory became the new norm. No COVID-19 cases emerged during this new norm. Mike Naidoo has sent details of new semester registration protocols under COVID-19. “One of the main focus in this new normal is less contact. The new registration protocols see to it that students may not even need to move to new residences. They should be safe where they are. Even coming to campus during registration is strictly discouraged. Most of the registration will be online,” said Mike.