MUT Welcomes Women’s Month

Some of the MUT women that are looking forward to the beginning of the great month

Women’s Month is around the corner and MUT women cannot wait. Inspired by the efforts of over 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 9 August 1956, MUT women have their individual perspectives of the importance of women in the society.

Now that 9 August has been named National Women’s Day and is a public holiday in South Africa in honour of what South African women accomplished on that day. Women’s month is a reason to enjoy and focus on women’s accomplishments, and even the challenges they have encountered in their fight for independence and the vital role women serve in the social structure.

As part of the month-long celebrations, the University will roll out its version of the international ‘I choose to challenge’ campaign to highlight its commitment to the plight of women. The campaign will feature a strong visual message on social media.

Snazo Mtshali of the Department of Marketing and Communications said the campaign would show women accomplishing extraordinary successes.

“The visual messages will highlight the power of women and their capabilities in achieving their dreams and uniting with other women to lift each other up and strengthen the sisterhood,” said Mtshali. Mtshali said the campaign would begin on 1 August 2021.