MUT Wardens and RAs get COVID-19 training

Sister Bongiwe Sithole of the MUT Clinic, left, and Oziel Mdletshe on stage, and  the wardens, RAs, and peer helpers during training

In preparation for the return of more students, the MUT Clinic organized training for peer educators, wardens and residence assistants (RAs). Sister Bongiwe Sithole of the Clinic said the training was about familiarizing the three groups with the essentials of the COVID-19. “We requested Higher Health to assist us with the training. Our colleagues and peer educators were taught the basics and protocols of the Covid-19,” said Sister Sithole.

Oziel Mdletshe, Provincial Monitoring and Evaluation Co-ordinator, gave details of the Coronavirus and how it works to the three groups.  Oziel emphasised the importance of observing the social distance. He said that even when a person is wearing a mask, they still have to observe social distancing. Oziel told the groups that it was not true that wearing a mask was enough. “There is no protection method that is 100% COVID-19 proof. You need to follow through everything you are told,” said Oziel.

“Nombuso Mlondo, a warden, said she learnt a lot from the exercise. We learnt how we can educate students about the coronavirus pandemic. They need to learn to take the COVID-19 message seriously. And that we need to emphaise to students the need to wear the mask properly. “Not all masks are right to be used. The co-ordinator taught us which masks are correct to use,” said Nombuso.  The wardens and RAs will then teach students in their residences about the protocols of COVID-19, which are aimed at keeping everyone safe.