MUT to implement new document management system

Members of the IT&N department, from left: Tebogo Goqo, Software Developer; Danielle Venter, and Dr Marlo de Swardt

Commencing 2023 with an earmark of 16 projects to be executed, the Senior Director of Information Technology and Networks (IT&N), Dr Marlo De Swardt, this week announced that the IT&N department would be implementing a new document management solution for the university built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. This platform will provide a central location for storing and organising important documents and will allow for improved collaboration and accessibility.

According to Dr de Swardt, some of the benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint as a document management solution include improved document organisation – SharePoint allows for the creation of custom libraries and folders to store and categorise documents in a way that makes sense for the organisation. It allows multiple users to access and edit documents at the same time, making it easy for teams to work together on projects. In short, it will enhance collaboration.

“SharePoint includes robust security features to protect our documents and ensure that only authorized users have access. Information security will improve,” said Dr de Swardt.

Dr de Swardt also added that staff will enjoy greater accessibility. “With SharePoint, staff will be able to access documents from any device with an internet connection, making it easier to work remotely, and/or on the go. The platform is also saving the university money; it is available to the University as part of our Microsoft licensing at no extra cost. The only cost associated with this project will be the cost of implementation and training,” said Dr de Swardt.

Dr de Swardt mentioned that the project would be a two-year initiative that would be managed by  Danielle Venter, Head of Project Management and Service Delivery at the department.

The IT&N Project Team will be providing further details on the implementation process and schedule in the coming weeks. Any questions or queries, can be directed to